Brown’s apiary : 6 beehives on the estate

8th August 2018


We have six beehives on the estate.

In June 2018, two new beehives on the estate have been set up. This time, we have placed them on the North-East part of the vineyard, next to our flower fields.

Why did we make this choice? Biodiversity is in decline in many agricultural and viticultural properties. In addition, the disappearance of pollinating insects such as bees is worrying.  Bees are an essential part of our food chain, with 80% of crops dependant on pollination. To help stop this decline, we have chosen to protect bees by restoring their habitat and setting up several beehives on the uncultivated parts of our estate. The first four hives were installed in March 2017, on the south-west part of the vineyard, next to an acacia forest planted especially for them.

The bees’ presence has no effect on the quality of our wines, but they are the sign of a healthy vineyard and a limited use of pesticides.