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2022 : a miraculous vintage that is proving exceptional

If the Bugs disappear everything else will disappear

17 Avril 2023

Château Brown, an oasis of biodiversity in Pessac-Léognan

7th February 2023

Result of our work, the park is now rich in animal species, from squirrels to wild boars, birds and even deer !

Primeurs 2021 : all you need to know !

30th March 2022

Discover the different facets of 2021 vintage at Château Brown, explained by Jean-Christophe Mau. Watch a movie and read a review here !

150 nesting boxes to bring bats and titmouses to Château Brown’s vineyard

75 bat shelters and 75 nesting boxes for great tits and blue tits were installed at the beginning of the year.

2021 Harvests- Château Brown

29th October 2021

2021 Harvests at Chateau Brown : what is the profile of this vintage ? What would be a similar vintage ?

Glass bottle

3rd May 2021

We tell you everything about our glass bottle: recyclability, carbon footprint, manufacturing …

Aluminium capsule

3rd May 2021

We tell you everything about our capsule: recyclability, carbon footprint, manufacturing …

Cork: an exceptional carbon footprint

3rd May 2021

Discover the many environmental virtues of cork!

The Château Brown label

3rd May 2021

What is the environmental impact of our label? We tell you everything!

New eco-designed box

March 2021

Discover all the environmental benefits of cardboard box packaging.

A floral farm on the estate

1st July 2020

A new project has been launched at Château Brown: a floral farm

Brown’s orchard is back!

22nd April 2020

We have decided to bring the orchard back… In early January 2020, 36 fruit trees were planted.

A masterclass to watch !

1st June 2020

WATCH OUR MASTERCLASS : « Appreciating and understanding 6 Bordeaux vintages from 2012 to 2017 with Château Brown red wines » presented by Richard Bampfield MW & Jean-Christophe Mau

Primeurs 2019 : all you need to know !

30th March 2020

Discover the different facets of 2019 vintage at Château Brown, explained by Jean-Christophe Mau. Watch a movie and read a review here !

2019 harvests – the film!

5th November 2019

We want to share some images of the 2019 harvests with you. A film to share the joy on people’s faces as the vintage was born!

The language of the bees

23rd September

The language of the bees …. Dancing to communicate !

The 2019 vintage – another great « 9 » year ?

23rd September

After the climatic variations that marked the 2017 and 2018 vintages, we began 2019 with great hope and humility in the face of nature.

Brown’s secrets

4th July 2019

Like our wines, our history is full of flavour. Discover our saga over the years …

Video – Commitment to biodiversity at Château Brown

3th July 2019

Brown’s Secrets

28 février 2019

When this all started…

Primeurs 2018 : all you need to know !

28th March 2019

Discover all the secrets of 2018 vintage at Château Brown, explained by Jean-Christophe Mau. Watch a movie and read a review here !

2018 Harvest

30th of September 2018

The 2018 vintage is raising high hopes. The 2018 harvests got off to a promising start.

Brown’s apiary : 4 beehives on the estate

8th August 2018

We have six beehives on the estate. Brown’s apiary has one goal: stop decline of bees and protect them by restoring their habitat.

Ponds and lakes: mini ecosystems

6 août 2018

Wetland areas are encouraged as they increase Brown’s biodiversity.


6 août 2018

Some parts of the estate have been turned over entirely to developing flora and fauna.

Abandoned buildings and nesting boxes

Our estate also has numerous abandoned buildings where there is very little human intervention.

Our forests and parks: refuges for fauna

6 août 2018

The chateau’s parks have unique plant and flower species.

Planting trees and hedges

6 août 2018

We established a tree and hedge planting programme in 2015.

Full tilling of the vineyard

6 août 2018

A vineyard given care and attention. Particular attention is paid to soil care.

Grass cover between rows

6 août 2018

We provide grass cover between the rows and use only natural fertilisers

Weather station

6 août 2018

Prudent use of plant protection products thanks to our own weather station, in place since 2013.

Insect trap

6 août 2018

We have opted for a prudent use of insecticides thanks to insect traps.

A respected terroir and a healthy vineyard

26 juillet 2018

We have opted for sustainable pest management to combat vine diseases.

Primeurs 2017 : watch our movie and discover this vintage !

April 6th 2018

Discover all the secrets of 2017 vintage at Château Brown. Jean-Christophe Mau tells you everything. Watch a movie and read a review here !

Until 93 points! Prestigious scores …

2nd March 2018

We have received some very prestigious scores for the 2015 and 2016 vintage. For Chateau Brown white 2016, James Molesworth (Wine Spectator) has given 93 points.

Château Brown
reveals its new label

5th March 2018

As of 2016, Château Brown’s Pessac-Léognan red and white wines will boast new packaging. Discover a modernised packaging first with Château Brown White 2016

2017 Harvest : extreme precision and early

29th september 2017

2017 harvest is above all characterised by the extreme precision, because of the spring frost… This harvest was also unusual as it was particularly early.

Display window in « La Vinothèque » this summer!

21st of July

This summer you will find Château Brown in the Vinothèque display, beautifully presented in its biodiversity setting.

The bees are back at Brown!

13th April 2017

At the end of March, a beekeeper has installed six new hives at Chateau Brown on one of the many non-cultivated areas of our property.

Rewards of our latest vintages

14th April 2017

We’ve got some very nice rewards for Chateau Brown Red 2014 and White 2015 for the last few months.

Chateau Brown « En Primeurs » 2016

13th April 2017

The 2016 Primeurs campaign has just started and we provide you here more explanations on this exceptional vintage…

Lees stirring, did you know ?

January 16th 2017

Did you know ? Our white and rosé wines are maturing on fine lees in oak barrels… Read more for some explanations !

November & December 2016

16th december 2016

These last two months Château Brown has met its customers and others wine lovers during several events …

Expansion of the property

14th December 2016

In 2016, we planted 3 new hectares of red grape varieties. By 2019 we will enlarge the property with an additional 3.5 hectares.

A positive environmental assessment

14th December 2016

A positive environmental assessment for 2016 due to a reduction in our pesticides products usage by more than a third.

Launch of 2016 vintage

16th September 2016

The quality of the harvest looked like it might be tricky given this summer’s extremely high temperatures, but Pessac-Léognan has ultimately done well with very healthy grapes!

« Wine-grower of the Year » in the Guide Hachette 2017

6th September 2016

After a ʿcoup de coeurʾ mention in every edition for the last three years, Jean-Christophe Mau has been voted ʿwine-grower of the yearʾ by THE benchmark guide for wine lovers!

BROWN Blanc 2015 Top dry whites in the Wine Spectator

14th june 2016

For the second year running, our white wine features in the special ranking of BORDEAUX TOP DRY WHITES in the WINE SPECTATOR!

Green harvesting work

29 june 2016

Our team have been hard at work for several weeks now, supported by a large number of seasonal workers: after tying in the vines and removing the shoots, the work in the vineyard is picking up speed.

Chateau BROWN on show in Bordeaux

10th june 2016

A display window devoted to Château BROWN is currently in place at one of our partner outlets, La Vinothèque in Bordeaux.

The Château Brown film now in the can

19 january 2016

Château Brown has a story to tell to start off the year,

with its newly-completed short promotional film!

Brown: To the Manor Born

19 february 2016

Château BROWN presented to some thirty future “Master of Wine” graduates

at Lullebrooke Manor near London.

Our December
Open Days…

19 january 2016

Bigger and better each year! Wine-lovers came to see us in even bigger numbers this year on the occasion of the Pessac-Léognan Open Days on 6 and 7 December

OPEN DAYS on 5 and 6 December!

27 November 2015

After a round of promotional trips far from Bordeaux, BROWN is finally back and ready to welcome you! As every year, the estate is taking part in the Pessac-Léognan Open Days.

BROWN on Tour
in the US

17 November 2015

On the occasion of a tour organised by the Conseil des Vins de Graves and the Syndicat de l’appellation Pessac-Léognan, Château BROWN presented its wines in NY and Chicago.

“Crazy London” at the Decanter Encounter

12 november 2015

On 7 and 8 November, Château BROWN was present at the Landmark Hotel in London to take part in “Crazy London”, where our wines were given an enthusiastic welcome!

13 October:
the harvest draws to a close

13 october 2015

Our grape-pickers finally emerged from the vines on 13 October, under glorious sunshine, after 3 weeks of successive selective harvests of the red grapes

2015 harvests: the Cabernet-Sauvignons enter stage

Monday 5th of October

Our red harvests started on 21st September with the Merlots. The  awaited Cabernet-Sauvignons have begun this morning…

for the rest of the year

27th september 2015

Château Brown will be taking part in a number of public and professional events in Autumn 2015, so come and pay us a visit

Early harvesting
at Château Brown

1st september 2015

The first harvests in Pessac-Léognan got underway as early as the end of August, which will be kicking off its grape-picking campaign on 1st September. Precision work in prospect…

Admist the vines of Château Brown, Summer 2015

With high temperatures and an exceptional amount of sunshine, 2015 is shaping up to be an early-ripening vintage – for the time being the fruit appears to be two weeks ahead of schedule

Château Brown in America from 30 April to 8 May 2015

April 30th

Château BROWN is taking part in the Wine Spectator Grand Tour, an American event involving almost 200 wineries

Brown celebrates its anniversary in the Echos de Bordeaux

30th march 2015

The Fleurie agency has given Jean-Christophe Mau a « portrait » to celebrate his 10th year at the head of the estate.

Discover BROWN
during the en primeurs week

20th march 2015

The 2014 BROWN en primeurs red and white will be presented on Monday 30 March at Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte…

amongst the best…

10th march 2015

Two consecutive vintages of our white wine have been recognised by Wine Spectator

The end of pruning announcing
the end of winter

3rd march 2015

Vine pruning is a very important stage that ensures that the fruit grows properly…

in a tube!

15th january 2015

The estate has designed an original individual luxury case for the 2009 vintage of Château BROWN red…

at University

25th november 2014

CHATEAU BROWN took part in a presentation, followed by a tasting, at the prestigious oenological club of the Wine Society…