Full tilling of the vineyard – English

Full tilling of the vineyard

6 août 2018


Sustainable tilling and use of machine weeding

Particular attention is paid to soil care. Our methods are regularly revamped and improved.

To preserve soils, we no longer till them systematically.

The rows of vines are earthed and unearthed just four times a year.

In the spring, we leave the entire vineyard with grass cover, but perform machine weeding beneath the rows. This allows us to avoid using chemical weeding. It is a good alternative to herbicides (glyphosate), which we have completely banned.

In the autumn, just once a year, we decompact the soils to encourage deeper roots for the vines. This involves tilling the soils to a depth of 35 to 50 cm (in a wave shape) by cutting surface rootlets, avoiding mixing the surface layer of soil to preserve organic matter. The aim is to force the vine to draw up water from a deeper level, offering effective protection against periods of drought.