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Our commitment

More than 40% of our 60-hectare estate is not cultivated.

With its woodland and gardens, Château Brown is a true jewel of biodiversity able to surprise visitors from the very moment they arrive.  More than ever, we are determined to preserve our ecological heritage and develop the wealth of this mosaic of landscapes.

We are specifically committed to:

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Producing high-quality wines whilst respecting the environment is our primary focus.

EMS in our daily management

For several years, Château Brown has been actively committed to a sustainable approach to winegrowing.

Our ‘virtuous circle’ dynamic has prompted us to try and take our environmental approach even further, and in 2012 we incorporated the EMS (Environmental Management System), a collective project launched by the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB). Since then, all staff have been trained and invested in an action plan that incorporates the EMS into daily management, in order to reduce our company’s environmental impact.


Analysing our wines

Because today more than ever, transparency and informing consumers are vital, just as important as flavors and taste of the wine, we have our wines analyzed by the Excell laboratory and the French mobile application “dans ma bouteille” (in my bottle) – with encouraging results, as some of our wines have been guaranteed to contain no pesticide residue.

Our analyzes are available here.

Jachère Fleurie

‘High Environmental Value’ certification

As another logical step, Château Brown then committed to the process of gaining HVE (High Environmental Value) certification, which it was granted in January 2018.

To obtain this certification we had to adhere to a precise set of specifications relating to biodiversity preservation, plant protection strategy and fertilisation management.

This provides further proof of our particularly environmentally-friendly approach.



Brown’s apiary:
encouraging beekeeping

The disappearance of pollinating insects such as bees is worrying. Bees are an essential part of our food chain, with 80% of crops dependant on pollination. To help stop this decline, we have chosen to protect bees by restoring their habitat and setting up several beehives on the uncultivated parts of our estate, since 2017. The bees’ presence has no effect on the quality of our wines, but they are the sign of a healthy vineyard and a limited use of pesticides.


« Giving back nature
what it gives us
and ensuring lasting
biodiversity at Brown. »

Jean-Christophe Mau