Ponds and lakes: mini ecosystems – English

Ponds and lakes: mini ecosystems

6 août 2018


All of the estate’s wetland areas are encouraged as they increase Brown’s biodiversity without deliberately introducing species that would not be adapted to the habitat and could be harmful. These wetland and aquatic areas are mini ecosystems with various inhabitants (bacteria, molluscs, insects, amphibians, plants and more) that all depend on each other for food and survival and also attract a number of birds (including herons and cranes).

We have two ponds on the estate (created in 2016 and 2021) and two lakes holding drainage water.

In addition, in 1994 a huge work site was set up to drain 75% of the vineyard (uprooting, drainage and replanting). This sophisticated, autonomous drainage system with a recovery unit allows for better water management. Furthermore, in the south-eastern part of the vineyard, a lake holding drainage water appears during rainy periods as a result of an underground network collecting rainwater, thus forming a natural ecosystem.