Our forests and parks: refuges for fauna – English

Our forests and parks: refuges for fauna

6 août 2018


The chateau’s parks are an environment home to unique plant and flower species (chestnut trees, firs, tassel hyacinths, wild thyme and more) as well as a few mammals (including hares, foxes and squirrels).

A forested area surrounding 50% of the estate to the west and north is primarily made up of acacia, chestnut and pine trees. Most of the estate’s forests are classified as a wooded area to be preserved, meaning that cutting them down is regulated.

Human activity levels in these forest areas are very low, which benefits fauna biodiversity.

No hunting is permitted in our vineyard and we make occasional use of a certified trapper to control the population of animal pests (foxes, moles etc.) and regulate the diversity of the site’s animal species (badgers, hares, deer and more).

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