Launch of 2016 vintage – English

Launch of 2016 vintage

16th September 2016


White grape veraison was late and laborious for the 2016 vintage due to the dry summer season across the entire of Bordeaux.

Our wonderful Sauvignon Blanc was eventually harvested from Thursday 8 September in half-day sessions.

In a rare occurrence at Brown, the grapes were so healthy that no bunch sorting was required on the vine this year. Acidity levels were fairly high, the aromas remained fresh, and the harvest proved generous… What more could you ask for?

The white harvests continued a few days later with the Semillon, although with a short gap (as a result of a rainy spell) between these two grape varieties, which together cover the five hectares of white grape vines among the estate’s total of 29 hectares.

Harvest 2016