Brown’s secrets – English

Brown’s secrets

4th July 2019


Like our wines, the history of the Château is full of flavour

The History of our labels illustrate the rich past.

brown's label














An early 20th-century our label mentioned proudly the classification of Premier Cru and three gold medals won during universal exhibition, beside a picture of the estate.

At this time, 50 hectares of vines were already cultivated carefully.

The book Bordeaux and its Wines Classified in order of Merit  stated « The recently constructed vat houses and cellars are some of the most beautiful in the land »

These records confirm the excellence and prestige of the property for several centuries

Brown's label 1945













In the 1940s the label is refined and reduced.

The medals and the picture of the estate are replaced by the red and gold shield of Bordeaux.  As it customary, the mention « Mis en bouteille au château »* was added throught the label

* bottled at the château