The Château Brown label – English

The Château Brown label

3rd May 2021


What is the environmental impact of our label?

Our printer has IMPRIM’VERT environmental certification. As such, it has implemented concrete actions to reduce the impact of its activity on the environment.

Working with an IMPRIM’VERT printer is an additional gesture towards a healthier planet and environment.


Our labels are printed in LIBOURNE, in Gironde, by the company LIS 33. They are made of paper from sustainably managed forests (FSC label).

“A sustainably managed forest is one that can regenerate properly, is healthy, contributes to diversity and whose management does not have a negative impact on local people.” 


Waste reduction through glassine recovery

The backing for our self-adhesive labels is a silicone-coated paper (known as « glassine »).

Since 2021, our printer has been collecting our glassine free of charge for recycling.

For a long time, due to the non-stick silicone on this paper, it could not be part of the regular recycling chain. Once the label was affixed, the glassine backing was thrown away without any form of recovery.

It can now be recycled. Glassine contains 98% paper and 2% silicone. Techniques have been developed to remove the silicone layer and recycle the remaining paper into new paper.