The 2019 vintage – another great « 9 » year ? – English

The 2019 vintage – another great « 9 » year ?

23rd September


The 2019 vintage – another great « 9 » year ?

After the climatic variations that marked the 2017 and 2018 vintages, we began 2019 with great hope and humility in the face of nature.

Fortunately, weather conditions were more favourable.

‘This was a peaceful and virtuous year: no climatic mishaps to bemoan, and very little pressure from disease.’
Bruno Patrouilleau, cellar master and vineyard manager

Favourable conditions held firm from 5 to 13 September during the harvests of our white grape varieties. Cool nights helped to preserve aromas, and mornings with temperatures of 12 to 15°C during the harvest period were ideal to maintain the quality of the grapes, picked by hand in small crates.

Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon offered good volumes and excellent quality grapes. The juices are already promising a great vintage with low alcohol levels, and acidity that will ensure a beautifully balanced wine.


‘The juices are particularly pure and fruity thanks to the cool nights and sunny days during the final weeks of ripening. The acidity is impressive given the heat over the last few days.’


Harvests for our red varieties will begin on around 25 September, and if all goes well between now and then, this will be at least as good as it was for the white grapes!

‘We are enjoying a fantastic end to the season. Everything generally bodes well, and the vineyards are healthy with no trace of rot due to botrytis. The Merlot will be the first to be harvested! It promises to be hugely rich with a deep colour and very satisfying yields. It contains lots of sugar and still has good levels of acidity.’– Bruno Patrouilleau

‘However, 2019 has confirmed once again that climate change is very real and is affecting grape ripening.’ – Jean-Christophe Mau

Faced with periods of drought, the vines expanded their root systems to enable them to access water, cooler temperatures and trace elements from the subsoil, but this was not always enough – particularly in Cabernet Sauvignon plots.

The vines enjoyed very sunny weather from June onwards, something that offered benefits, but the extremely dry climate and shortage of water that dragged on from the spring is now curbing the Cabernet Sauvignon’s ripening process. Its grapes are not yet ripe and it has not yet reached full phenolic maturity. 

We have to remain patient a little longer.