2015 harvests: the Cabernet-Sauvignons enter stage – English

2015 harvests: the Cabernet-Sauvignons enter stage

Monday 5th of October


Our red harvests started on 21st September with the Merlots. After a brief interruption to bring ripeness levels to optimum, they came to an end last Thursday (1st October).


The Merlots were therefore picked a week earlier than in 2014. Yields look reasonably good (46HoL/ha), while quality should be extremely high given the perfect state of health of the grapes and their natural riches (more than 14°).


These wonderful grapes were sorted as meticulously as ever in our vat-house, leading to an impeccable result. The first sorting operation was automated (Mistral machine), followed by a second selection on a vibrating table with 6 employees, bringing the first part of the harvest to a successful close.


The eagerly awaited Cabernet-Sauvignons have begun their gradual transfer to vats this morning…. As Jean-Christophe Mau says, “we will keep a watchful eye on our highest-quality plots which we’ll be using for our Grand Vin. The rainfall this weekend hasn’t been an issue as the grapes are ripe and the skins are thick enough.  The vintage is already in place. All that will be left at the end of the harvests will be the question of yields.”

Our plot of Petit Verdot (5% of the estate) will be picked over a half-day on Monday or Tuesday, just before the old Cabernets.



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