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EMS in our daily management

For many years, Château Brown has been actively committed to using sustainable cultivation practices for its vines and to training its staff and partners in this form of vineyard protection.
Our ethical dynamic prompted us to take this environmental approach even further, and in 2012 we joined the first ever EMS (Environmental Management System) for Bordeaux wines, which officially obtained the ISO 14001 collective certification in July 2014. Achieving this standard was our medium-term objective: to obtain it an environmental diagnostic was carried out, after which all our staff committed to an action plan incorporating the EMS into daily management.
Systematic treatment of waste products with waste sorting, effluent management and energy savings (water, gas and electricity consumption etc.) are all of course subject to ongoing improvements as part of this demanding environmental philosophy.


Sustainable vineyard cultivation

Healthy vines mean a respected terroir and wines that fully express this terroir.


Some examples:




Boosting biodiversity

It is not enough just to reduce our impact on the environment – we have also chosen to enrich the biodiversity of the wildlife across the 30 hectares of our estate not planted with vines.
A veritable oasis of greenery thanks to a forest area that borders half of the estate to the west, the landscape of Château Brown might surprise our visitors when they first arrive. More than ever we want to preserve and develop this wealth.


Some examples:



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