Chateau Brown white 2013 & fish and seafood cataplana – English
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Chateau Brown white 2013 & fish and seafood cataplana

February 2015



 » With this very good wine I would be inclined to taste oysters in their shells with bacon, or curried crayfish tails, pike mousseline, or a light fish soup. More simply, I would prepare a typical Portuguese dish: fish and seafood cataplana.”

Daniel Pires, Sommelier, Restaurant Laurent in Paris, in february 2015.

« The wine offers a lovely, crystalline lemon-yellow colour with pale green tints. The first nose is refined, with notes of boxwood and citrus. As it develops the wine becomes more intense, now with fresh almond and apricot notes.

On the palate the attack is lively, but soon becomes smoother and rounder thanks to the significant proportion of Semillon this year. The apricot notes return, along with a hint of honey. A rich wine with good intensity. The wood and a hint of citron combine well in a clean, lasting finish. »

Bon Appétit !