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Château Brown rosé 2013


Château Brown rosé


BLEND: 50% Cabernet-Sauvignon – 50% Merlot .

YIELD: 32 hol/ha.


MANUAL HARVEST: Selection of grapes from identified plots of deep gravel soils, average
vine age of 16. Manual harvesting in small boxes between freshness and peak ripeness.

• De-stemming and maceration on the skins for 4 hours, gentle pressing (pneumatic
horizontal press).
• Transfer to vats, racking of the must in cold conditions, and alcoholic fermentation in vats.
• Maturing for 4 months in 1-wine barrels with light stirring on the lees (twice a month).
French-oak lightly toasted barrels.

APPELATION: Bordeaux rosé.

BOTTLED AT THE CHÂTEAU: 13th February 2014.
Production: 2,200 bottles.

SURFACE AREA OF VINES: 29 hectares (23.5 hectares for reds and 5.5 hectares for whites) Blend : 55% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 5% Petit Verdot and 70% Sauvignon blanc and
30% Sémillon.

PROPRIETORS: Familles Mau and Dirkzwager.

MANAGER: Jean-Christophe Mau.


For more information about the vinification and maturing of this vintage, download the technical information sheet. For the climate conditions of the vintage, tasting notes and wine-food pairings, download the case information sheet.
Download the technical information sheet