Accords Wine and food pairings

Château Brown Blanc

Château Brown Blanc

Serving temperature: 12 – 14 °

Wine & Food pairing:

Château Brown Blanc is lively and refreshing, so it matches perfectly with white fish and recipes with cooked seafood (salmon and scallop tartare, lobster …) or raw fish (sushi, sashimi …).

Thanks to barrel ageing, our white wine is fleshly and can be associated with white meats (chicken, veal …) in sauce or grilled.

It also goes well with a variety of lighter dishes such as salads, or as an aperitif with cheeses (emmental, conté, old parmesan) or toasts (salmon terrine or duck mousse).

Pollock with parma ham & Chateau Brown Blanc

14th April 2017

The sun and spring are back, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of Château Brown Blanc… Have it with some pollock with parma ham.

Scallop and salmon tartar & Château Brown White

29th september 2017

In automn scallops are back ! Discover a delicious recipe to enjoy with a glass of Château Brown White 2015: scallop and salmon tartar.

Château Brown Rouge

Château Brown Rouge

Serving temperature: 18 – 19 °


Wine & Food pairing:

Château Brown Rouge is well balanced with silky tannins and black fruits aromas: a typical wine of Pessac-Léognan appellation composed of 3 grapes varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot!
Château Rouge Brown is perfect with grilled, roasted or stewed meats.
A successful wine & food pairing with our red could be also with some cheeses such as Saint-Nectaire or with a multitude of Asian dishes and fish-based recipes like tuna.

Beef bourguignon & Château Brown rouge 2011

February 15th 2017

Our red vintage 2011 is good to drink now, you will appreciate its fruity expression and the finesse of its tannins with beef bourguignon.

Château Brown rouge 2012 & Burrata and Chorizo Risotto

8th August 2018

Try this hot dish during a cooler summer night. Chorizo and Burrata will be a successful pairing with this vintage of red and its crispy fruit and silky tannins.

Château Brown rouge 2013 & Pata Negra Toasts

7th March 2018

Discover a delicious recipe to enjoy with a glass of Château Brown Red 2013. You will appreciate the fruity expression and the supple tannins of…

Château Brown Rosé

Château Brown Rosé

Serving temperature: 7-8°


Wine & Food pairing:

Chateau Brown Rosé has an intense aromatic palette dominated by strawberry. The round and refreshing mouthfeel with a charming oaky cinnamon and vanilla finish invites us to drink it with a variety of cooked fish!

It is also ideal as an aperitif with finger food or very simple dishes such as green pesto pasta, grilled vegetables or salads.

Chateau Brown Rosé is great with a meal, or further into the hot summer night !

Château Brown Rosé 2017 & Cod, Zucchini with Pesto

Wednesday 19th September

Rosé wine doesn’t need a season ! Discover our rosé all year round with a food and wine pairing based on fish, and pesto sauce.

Rosé & burgers pepper’s cream and goat’s cheese

1st of July 2017

It’s summer and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of Château Brown Rosé! Enjoy our rosé with a Spanish recipe…